Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Invasion Maryland - Turn 62

10:20 am: It has become clear that I have been seriously outmanoeuvred by McClellan - instead of attacking Lee's main position he has pinned it and bypassed it to encircle D.H.Hill at Williamsport. Although this has failed to yield a decisive VP total at the moment, it certainly will in the long term. I am pushing out Lee's left wing in reponse but it is too little, too late I think.

Pleasonton has crossed the Potomac and closed the trap on Hill.

Jones' Division pushes hard towards the banks of the Potomac below Williamsport, but the Yankees are moving to block the manoeuvre. Behind Jones, Anderson's Division (rushed from the eastern flank) assembles at Downsville.

Jones' Division move northwest out of Downsville,
but it looks like McClellan anticipated this.

A tactical view of Jones' brigades as they deploy to attack.

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