Sunday, 8 February 2015

Invasion Maryland - Turn 51

Overview of the strategic situation at 6:40 am.

Note Stuart's troopers moving up from Boonsborough into the Union rear.

Overview of the main tactical situation. Another disastrous round of routing has forced the Union player to disengage several divisions north and east of Tilghmanton. I am going to use the lull to start withdrawing my own forces. The original Rebel dawn attack has shaken McClellan's nerves and caused a lot of casualties but I can't achieve any more here and we probably need to cautiously extricate ourselves.

Batteries withdraw just north of Fairplay as exhausted brigades
 start to pull out of Tilghmanton.

Robertson's cavalry brigade is shown here approaching the Union rear from the east of Antietam creek as Stuart attempts to add to McClellan's headaches. That's what he's paid for.

Trying to stay unpredictable - Rebel cavalry head west into the
Union rear rather than strike out north for the Funkstown VPs.

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