Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Invasion Maryland- Turn 49

The dawn attack on the extreme Union left has led to a blistering firefight with big losses on both sides. The Yankees counterattacked from the east, probing for Anderson's flank, and a handful of Reb units skedaddled - but the main line held and continued to slug it out. Eventually we were rewarded by a massive number of Union routs, but it barely impacted the effectiveness of their front line as there are always more soldiers in blue to plug the gaps.

Longstreet is a little uneasy about the Yankee line curling around
Tilghmanton to the south east.

Here are the in game statistics as of Turn 49, which is 6:00 am on Sept the 13th. I am particularly pleased to be winning the artillery combat, as the massive superiority in Union guns is usually my downfall. Confederate cavalry losses relate to much earlier in the game when Stuart was a little er,...reckless !

VPs are expressed for the Union side. Minus 72 may not seem like much of an
achievment for the Rebs, but the Union started the game with plus 250.

And speaking of Stuart, he is once again making a nuisance of himself far in the Union rear having gathered the VPs for Boonsborough (near South Mountain) during the night.

At Williamsport, D.H. Hill has gone on the defensive as McClellan orders Burnside's Corps to attack and remove the strategic threat he represents.

Overview of the main Confederate position with all the Union forces that are currently visible to us.

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